Online geographic coordinate conversions using the GeoConvert utility

Location (ex. «33.33 44.4», «33d19'47"N 44d23.9'E», «38SMB4488», «38n 444000 3688000»):

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    input   = 17.85172 -89.71156
    lat lon = 17.85172 -89.71156 (17°51'06.2"N 089°42'41.6"W)
    UTM/UPS = 16n 212620 1975866
    MGRS    = 16QBE1262075866

GeoConvert (version 1.49) converts between geographic (latitude and longitude) coordinates, universal transverse Mercator (UTM) or universal polar stereographic (UPS) coordinates, and the military grid reference system (MGRS). Examples of legal geographic locations are (these all refer to the same place, Cape Morris Jesup on the northern tip of Greenland):

    Latitude and longitude:       MGRS:
        83.627 -32.664                24XWT783908
        W32d40 N83d37.6               YUB17770380
        83°37'39"N 32°39'52"W     UTM:
        83:37:39 32:39:52W            25n 504158 9286521
        32:39.9W 83:37.6N             430000 9290000 26n
        32:40W+0:0:6 83:37.6      UPS:
        32:40W+0:0:6 83:38-0:0.4      n 1617772 1403805

GeoConvert, which is a simple wrapper of the GeographicLib::GeoCoords class, is one of the utilities provided with GeographicLib. This web interface illustrates a subset of its capabilities. If you wish to use GeoConvert directly, download and compile GeographicLib.

Charles Karney <> (2015-05-18)
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