A geodesic bibliography

Here is a list of the older mathematical treatments of the geodesic problem for an ellipsoid, together with links to online copies. This includes some more recent works which are available online (chiefly works funded by the US Government). Where available, links to translations, especially into English, have been added. Unfortunately, the fold-out pages of figures in some books are usually not scanned properly by Google; in some cases I have been able to scan the missing pages. In addition, readers may not have access to the full text of some Google Books; in those cases, I have provided a "pdf" link. See the files in geodesic-papers. Please let me, Charles Karney <charles@karney.com>, know of errors, omissions, etc. In particular, I'm interested to learn of any cases where I have mis-translated the title of a paper. In addition, the links to Google Books occasionally get out of date; let me know if this happens.

This bibliography was started on 2009-06-06 (at http://trac.osgeo.org/proj/wiki/GeodesicCalculations) and moved to this site on 2011-02-01. The last update was on 2018-02-17.

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